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Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.

Greetings from an English 21-year-old (recent) BA Architecture graduate/survivor. Currently looking for work in an architect's practice. I adore The Smiths, tea, classic films, reading, poetry, autumn, wine and Italy. I have too many improbable ambitions.

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Jul 14 '14

Two interviews in two days, and an initial telephone interview this morning. Talk about hitting the ground running straight after a holiday!

Jul 13 '14

Back today from sailing the wonderful Baltic sea… England looking as miserable as ever… Going to be reliving probably the best holiday I’ve been on with some pictures over the next few days. 

Jul 1 '14

Well, I’m off on a cruise until the 13th to see a part of Europe I’ve never seen before - Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia - and even St. Petersburg, Russia. Very exciting. Take care, followers, see you in 12 days with some hopefully more exciting posts.

Jun 27 '14

Going to my first ever wedding tomorrow, and in typical Jess fashion I only just bought a gift today. Now I’m semi-organised I can at least look forward to it…

Jun 19 '14

I’ve had another two interview offers come through, which was exciting yesterday… but one of them has offered me nearly half the salary that the first guys did, and the other one is quite a bit further away than I had hoped for.

Jun 17 '14
So, my graduation was yesterday…

So, my graduation was yesterday…

Jun 10 '14

Interview went well; I think I would really enjoy working there, but they’ve got a couple more interviews to do, so I’ll try not to get my hopes up. 

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Jun 9 '14

Somehow got a 1st for my degree. Now to acquire a job at my interview tomorrow….

Jun 4 '14

Got my first interview!!!

Jun 3 '14
Nothing like a bit of rambling to take one’s mind off job hunting.

Nothing like a bit of rambling to take one’s mind off job hunting.

May 28 '14

Some pictures from my unit’s part in the end-of-year exhibition this year. The whole thing looked great and we get to keep the frames(!)

May 28 '14
May 21 '14

Just a quick update; I think I got a 1st for Design (compare that to last year’s 2:2 and I’m still quite stunned at how much I’ve improved). I’ve also been nominated for a prize, so that’s quite a lovely end to my university career. 
Meanwhile, I still have yet to hear from any potential employers…..

May 8 '14

God damn, now I’ve finished my degree, and there’s an interim before working on the exhibition/finding a job, I want to read all the books and watch all the films but I don’t know where to start; architecture has frazzled my brain.

May 5 '14

Casually finishing my degree in three days’ time.