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Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.

Greetings from an English 20-year-old studying architecture in Oxford. I adore The Smiths, tea, classic films and literature, autumn, wine, Irish things and Italy. When I'm not slogging away at coursework I'll be posting these things on here.

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Apr 2 '14

These days I’m constantly torn between an ambition to become an incredible architect with a fantastic undergrad portfolio, and the feeling that actually I just want to sleep forever. 

Mar 27 '14

Today we had our final proper crit of the year (and degree…). I’ve never felt so calm for a crit before. It went pretty well; generally there was positive and constructive feedback, which is really what you want from a crit.
So for now I’m having the first chilled evening in a while; no alcohol unfortunately, and no plans of obtaining any, but maybe I’ll watch an entire film and start thinking about making job applications this weekend. Ambitious, eh?

Mar 24 '14

Got a first for my dissertation. :D 

Mar 9 '14
Mar 7 '14


human love has so many facets.
We love different people in different ways, at different times, for different reasons. It seems a shame to allot our higher feelings to a single member of the (typically) opposite sex and sort all the others out with the scrap paper.

Feb 28 '14

Set a new record…… stayed in the studio until 6am. Feel wide awake. Had peaks of drunken delirium and lows of “I can’t be arsed anymore”, but yay I’ve finished my work 6 hours before the deadline!

Feb 23 '14

I’ve spent the whole weekend so far working on a submission for one module next week - it’s been going very, very slowly and is generally just a lot more taxing on the mind than design. Send help and a bottle of wine.

Feb 8 '14
Jan 30 '14

my tutor: You should be a poet, not an architect.
me: I can be both. 

Jan 16 '14

Back in Oxford now, feeling slightly depressed at the lack of cats, family, warm house, etc… having coming out of the other end of my field trip now, all I have to look forward to is the final slaying of my dissertation and the eventual finishing of my degree. In the meantime, trying to make myself actually go outside and buy some food is surprisingly difficult.

Jan 14 '14

So I came back yesterday from a great little trip to Gibraltar with my unit. Some of the highlights had to be my tutors joining in - encouraging, even - a drinking game (and doing very well at it), having a meal all together every night - when there’s 20 of you, it’s no easy feat - and seeing the awe-worthy, ever-present rock of Gibraltar every morning and evening from your hotel balcony. This is not to mention the complete uniqueness of Gib that makes it a rich place infused with different cultures, where you hear English and Spanish in the same sentence; see churches which were once mosques, and find many layers of historic fortifications, from which the city has grown out in a confusing mixture of styles. The perfect place for an architecture student, really.

Jan 5 '14

Sent off a full draft of my dissertation to my supervisor today. Time to try not to worry about the feedback of that, and time to think about my unit’s trip to Gibraltar on the 8th! Sadly I still have work to do in preparation for that. 

Jan 3 '14

I have so much work that I should be doing, but I’m just about keeping on top of my dissertation and ignoring the rest. Give me all the films, books, and sleep.

Dec 17 '13

I’m going home tomorrow and couldn’t be happier at the idea. Most of my housemates have already gone, and there are no more tutorials, so it’s a bit lonely here. I’m having idyllic visions of being back in the countryside for Christmas with my family and cats and snow and far too much good food.

Dec 15 '13

Dear dissertation,

You’re difficult. 
Please write yourself.


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